Mary T. Hone Screwed Me

My goal as an attorney is to always represent my clients' best interests. When a case goes to court, one side wins and one side loses. That's what today's post is about. What does that have to do with "Mary T. Hone screwed me?"

Well, someone is driving around town in a truck displaying these words. I guess I'll take the free advertising.

As a lawyer, having your opponents say you "screwed them" isn't necessarily a bad thing. Due to confidentiality reasons, I can't speak to the particular case this person is upset about, but when I successfully represent my client in court it usually means the other side ends up "screwed." It also means I did my job. I never go into a case with the goal of harming anyone, but it's not unusual for the party who lost a ruling to be unhappy.

For example, here are a couple of cases where I successfully argued in favor of my client:

  • My client was the representative of the estate of his father, who had passed away. The father had divorced his wife, and the ex-wife transferred property to another man the day after the husband had filed for divorce. The husband later passed away. The case went through several appeals regarding the ex-husband's rights to the property, and the court eventually determined the ex-wife attempted to defraud the ex-husband. I successfully argued the case in favor of the son, representing his father's estate, in the Court of Appeals, obtaining more than $98,000 on my client's behalf.
  • In another recent example, I represented a client in a case involving fraud, negligent misrepresentation and negligence concerning a real estate transaction. My client's case had been dismissed by a lower court. We successfully appealed the dismissal and protect my client's right to seek damages against the property owners.

These are just two examples of cases where I successfully represented my clients. I'm proud of the outcomes because even if the other side feels "screwed," I know I did what's best for my client. 

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