Are you hesitating when it comes to choosing an executor?

During many times in your life, you may have had to put another person in charge. While the decision may have been important, you likely also had some sense of ease in knowing that you would be around to step in if needed. Now that you are considering who should be in charge of closing your estate after your demise, you may feel a bit more hesitant to make a decision.

Choosing an executor is a substantial decision that deserves your time, effort and consideration. The tasks involved with probate and closing an estate overall can leave an executor feeling stressed and taxed. Therefore, you will certainly want to make sure that you choose someone who has the necessary skills and personal characteristics to serve the role effectively.

You can choose more than one

Because you will not have the ability to step in should your executor begin to feel overwhelmed, you could potentially name co-executors. This action has its pros and cons. It could help to divide the necessary probate tasks between more than one individual so that a single person does not feel too burdened by the decisions that need making. However, if your co-executors do not get along, you may only open a door for probate conflicts if the individuals cannot make cohesive decisions.

Even if you only want one person to act in the role, you may still want to consider another person to act as a backup. Because you cannot predict your exact time of death, a window exists during which your named executor could become unable to take on the position when the time comes. To avoid this complication, you may want to name a younger successor who will be ready to step in if needed.

Upstanding character

Your executor will handle many personal and financial aspects of your estate. In order to carry out the duties effectively, it often helps for your executor to have a strong sense of responsibility and a willingness to seek help when needed. During probate, your executor will likely need help with understanding financial, legal and personal aspects of the case, and knowing when and how to enlist assistance could prevent unnecessary complications.

If you truly want to choose the right executor, you may want to learn more about the probate process. By understanding what your remaining estate will go through, you may have an easier time determining who would best suit the role of executor.

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