Why are you putting off making your estate plan?

You may procrastinate many things you know you must do, such as starting a diet, going to the doctor or catching up with old friends. There are many reasons why you might put off doing your taxes. It is time-consuming, confusing and the outcome may cost you money. Postponing important activities means increasing the risk that things will go badly or that you will miss your opportunity altogether and it will be too late to complete the task.

Estate planning is like that too. Fewer than 50 percent of adults have a plan in place for the end of their lives, and you may be among them. Sure, you have a lot of good reasons, and you are not alone. Your reasons are likely similar to those of most people in Arizona who still haven't made their plans. However, if something should happen to you before you create an estate plan, you may leave behind confusion and conflict for your family to suffer through.

Common reasons to procrastinate

For many, the thought of death is overwhelming. It is not an easy thing to dwell on the end of your life, your plans left unfinished and your family going on without you. You may not even like to use the word "die" and instead make a joke about it with a phrase like "kick the bucket." As difficult as it may be for you to consider your death, it may be more difficult to consider leaving your family without the protection and guidance of your estate plan.

Even if you can overcome your fears about your demise, you may have other questions that hold you back from contacting an estate planning professional, such as:

  • How much will it cost?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I provide for my children when they all have different needs?
  • Can I disinherit someone?
  • What part does my business play in my estate plan?
  • What happens to my estate plan if I get divorced, remarry, move to a new state or make other life changes?
  • Will my attorney think my questions are foolish?

Choosing the right attorney is important to feeling confident about your estate planning choices. An effective legal professional will answer your questions with respect and listen to your unique concerns. There are many estate planning options to help you meet your goals. Making those plans soon will allow you to provide the hope of a secure and stress-free future for your loved ones.

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