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The State Bar of Arizona and ABC15 held a Let Joe Know, Ask a Lawyer Phone Bank on Tuesday, June 18. The two-hour phone bank brought together volunteer lawyers who answered an impressive 119 calls on landlord and tenant issues. The Bar teams with ABC15 to help the community connect with licensed attorneys for free, sound legal advice.


  • 119 callers helped
  • Seven Volunteer Attorneys: Frankie Adamo, Law Office of Frank Adamo; Stockton Banfield, Udall Shumway; Richard Elley, Elley Law; John J. Halk, Brown Olcott; Mark Heldenbrand, J. Mark Heldenbrand, PC; Mary Hone, Law Offices of Mary T. Hone; and Eric Walberg, Steadfast Law.

Hot-Button Issues:

  • How do I get my full security deposit back?
  • How can I break my lease?
  • What can I do if rent goes up?
  • What can I do if my landlord fails to repair something that’s broken? Common issues: AC, heater, old/chipping paint, windows, etc.
  • How can I get my roommate to move out?
  • My landlord prohibits medical marijuana use, what can I do?

All volunteers were extremely satisfied with their experience and offered to participate again. The Bar thanks them for committing their time and expertise to consumers through this access to justice program.

We thank ABC15 for their continued partnership with the Bar.

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