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Thank you all for your help with my will and trust. It was nice to meet with you.

Thank you and Mary for your help and guidance.

Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. I truly appreciate all you did.

Fantabulous!! We have been hoping so too, and we are super appreciative of your efforts to cap the time and close any trap doors “just in case”. You deliver a master class in new and unexpected ways each time Mary. I’m taking notes.... 😉

Side note: I sang your praises to my NJ attorney and CPA (same person) earlier. Just in case your ears were ringing. 🙂

Dear Mary, Janet and Jeanette:  Thank you for taking perfect care of our needs.  We appreciate all you have done.  Your professional attention to detail and your friendly communication made a difficult situation much easier.  With all my best, Nina P. (B.C.)

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you, then look no further. Mary T. Hone and the outstanding “Team Hone” will get the job done.

Mary and her team are amazing. They helped us recovery a significant amount of money that I thought we would never get back. She and her team were easy to work with, they communicated with us every step of the way, and did exactly what they said they would do. I can't say enough positive things about
working with her firm!

Wow! Great job team Hone! 2020 is smiling brightly on us. Thank you

I am so pleased to have found you guys since I had such a terrible time with other attorneys to get this done.

Please convey my thanks and gratitude to Mary and all who worked on this issue for us.

I am most pleased.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays.

Legal matter with Pioneer RV Park. Minor matter but was handled by Ms Hone professionally. I would use or recommend Ms Hone with no problem.

I got your letter! I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who needs some help with real estate issues. And yes, so far they have left me alone! It’s been wonderful living in my home without any worries and it’s all thanks to you!

Thank you for your assistance. Your firm has been wonderful to deal with and I trust you.

You bring hope to individuals who are convince the law is something to give up on. You are the best lawyer I met in ARIZONA. My favorite part is the way you own the case by providing this assurance to clients. Thank you Mary
Tell me anything I have to do. We closed this morning.

My husband & I had an extremely positive experience at The Law Offices of Mary T Hone. The attorney was both personable and knowledgeable. Her assistance made it so much easier in planning our estate than what would have been very confusing and stressful experience without her. Another positive was the timely completion of our paperwork. I also appreciate the attention to detail and follow through on every change I requested. The attorney provided education for my husband and I. She also was empathetic to our requests. All our questions were addressed.
Her office was friendly and responsive to all our inquiries. On a whole the experience with them was outstanding and I would highly recommend their services. My husband and I are very pleased and I would like to thank Mary and her personnel for their excellent service and support in understanding our requests and why.

We wish to thank you for taking our case and supporting us during the long, dragged out battle with Bennett Property Management

I was deeply impressed about your procedural response. We hope that the judge will follow and greatly persuaded by your arguments.

It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Thank you for everything. I’m so thankful for you and the rest of your firm. It was a victory for me hearing the judge ask [the opposing party] all the things he did -- basically letting him know I was not at fault and it was a fishy situation. I’m glad it didn’t go to trial. But if it did I was confident because I had you as my attorney. I over all give you the highest rate possible. Add the fact that you guys took care of me from the beginning all the way to the end. Never one time did I not feel confident.

I appreciate everything you did on our behalf! You and Janet were wonderful!!! My best to you both!

Hi Mary,
Well thank you. I know it was trying at times.
No worries on the invoice. Just know that I was ready to go after them. In the long run, I truly believe we would have won. I again thank you for all your hard work and patience. I know by the second email my profanity was off the chart. I knew you were the best decision I have made since we started this whole thing.

Thank you again,

Mary Hone has the ability to identify legal remedies very quickly and take swift action, which resulted in an efficient, less costly outcome for me. Her Legal Assistant, Jeanette, is top notch and coordinated all communications and administrative tasks with notable ease. I highly recommend their services.

None of this would have been possible without your expert and compassionate support. I'm grateful that all was done knowing we followed the right legal steps.

It was a wonderful experience working with you all and will surely recommend to our friends

It may not have seemed so, but getting this property sold, and out of the partnership, was life-changing for my mom, and something that we had spent years trying to handle on our own. Anyway, I wanted to know how thankful I am that you took on the case, especially having never met us, and your work to get it settled.

I knew when I hired you it was the right decision and I am so thrilled I did.

You are amazing. I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you again!!

Thank you for completing my task so quickly. I was prepared to wait a long time and jump many hoops, but this did not happen. Your office worked efficiently and I truly appreciate this.

Before finding Mary and her expert team, I was going to be forced out of my house. Immediately, Mary went to work making sure I was kept safe and legally protected. Every call and email drove the conversation in a significant way. After fighting for over a year, Mary was able to lead the case to resolution where I was able to keep my house in my own name. If you need someone who is reliable and fast, I can recommend Mary Hone.

Thank you so much! We are happy with how it turned out. Thanks for all you did for us. it wouldn't have worked out yesterday if it weren't for everything in Pinal County being taken care of by you first.

Thank you for all your hard work. I have changed my mind about lawyers. You're a pretty good kid.

Mary is very knowledgeable. She has set up a trust for me and reviewed contracts. She also resolved a real estate dispute. Her staff is very professional and friendly.

Absolutely was the best representation that I had needed. Very kind and walked me through the process to take care of my matter at hand. Thank you !

Mary and her staff were professional and provided excellent customer service by explaining each step of the way and in responding. Would definitely recommend

Mary and her staff were great to work with. Everyone was very accommodating. I highly recommend her law firm. Kind regards-Kevin Campbell

I was very pleased with the effort and results of the service we received. One of the factors that I really appreciated was the communication between the law office and myself. The staff promptly responded to my questions and needs and were very accessible. As a result, I would return for other legal needs and I would not hesitate to refer others to your firm. Thanks

I was very pleased with Mary Hone and her staff. They treated me with respect and they responded quickly to any concerns or questions that I had. I would not hesitate to use the law firm again if needs arise and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Michael Hes

Each time I have used you, I have been very happy and satisfied with our results. Yes, I recommend you to anyone needing legal assistance and advice.

I am very satisfied and you did a good job. Thanks.

We requested Mary and her team to help us arrange an orderly transfer of the deed of trust for our home, should the time came to pass our property on to our children. We received excellent help and great advice from Mary. All the papers were prepared and executed in a timely fashion. In addition Mary suggested we prepare other documents that would facilitate the transfer of other personal property items, living wills, and powers of attorney. All this was done For a very reasonable fee.

Mary and her staff did a wonderful job when we needed help. She is a professional who knows how to solve a problem. If I ever need any more counseling I would not hesitate to call her.

We were fully satisfied with our experience and service received.

Mary helped us with a very stressful landlord-tenant dispute. She put us at ease immediately and was able to work out a settlement that we were pleased with. I would recommend her services.

Mary and her team were professional and timely.

I would recommend Mary Hone for her professionalisms and knowledge. She assisted my dad as well as myself with Trust/ Estate issues. When I called the office with questions or concerns, she was always attentive and responded the same day. I would highly recommend her services. Office staff were friendly and professional as well.

This was our first time using a lawyer and it went very well, we recovered all our losses with a buyer of our house and solved a large problem with this buyer. I would definitely recommend this law office to anyone with a real estate issue.

I've worked with Mary & Jeanette for a year on several cases and they are nothing short of fantastic. I was kept in the loop at all times, they provided a detailed accounting of all charges and time. I will NEVER use anyone except Hone Law for my business in Arizona. So thankful to have found them!

Very pleasant experience! Would recommend Mary to anyone who needs a great attorney.

Mary and her team have always been nothing short of world-class. Before finding them, my house was at risk of being force sold because of a jealous and stubborn ex. Not only did Mary ensure I was able to keep my home, afterwards she has been a trusted expert when the crazy ex does bubble back up sometimes. 10 of 10, would use again!

Mary is very caring and has a work ethic like no other, she was very responsive and professional when helping me. I will definitely reach out to her for any other legal needs.

Mary is the consummate professional. Her ability to navigate and explain complex legal principles was greatly appreciated. She brought clarity to the issues so that my husband and I could make an informed decision on how to move forward. We recommend Mary Hone and her staff to anyone looking for resolution to real estate issues. Thank you Mary!

All the Best,

It is not every day that someone comes into your life and changes its course for the better. In this day and age the term "professional standard" is a long lost maxim. I was taken aback after engaging Mary Hone because I found a true professional, advocate and champion for my cause that I was not expecting. In a world ruled mainly by the almighty dollar one doesn't expect a true professional experience in any interaction or value for their monies. I still have a smile upon my lips since realizing that a handshake still means something. That the words, "no need to worry I can help you" are true. Lastly, when I tell, "I have the world's BEST attorney", you can trust that I don't refer just anyone. Mary Hone and her team come with my personal stamp of approval!

Thank you. I will definitely refer your office to my friends in Arizona.

Thank you for making the process quick and painless.


The service we received from your firm was very helpful and efficient.

I greatly appreciate your wonderful customer service because not all have it.

I was very grateful for the quick response I had when I asked for Mary Hone's help in solving my issues. She was very helpful and understanding. I would definitely use her services again if needed.

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